Journey Revisited's travelogue and selfies on the way to Tulalip

This was the last stop of a four gig back-to-back tour leg, and the band was energized about playing Tulalip (it was a packed house -- again, as usual)! The interesting part of the trip was watching the guys document it, so we're bringing some of the fun to you.

Bassist Michael Gonzales gave us a view of the flight to Seattle from Oakland...

 photo Mike01_zpsd1389265.jpg

And lead singer Jeff Salado gave us a near blow by blow visual trip to the 5-Star Resort and Casino at Tulalip...first, our guys on the way to ground transportation (L-R, Val, Michael, Kevin, and Dave).

 photo e5d3d7ecbff7392bbef8258dec5b02e70ac8d6b48e92ff4244a9adaea9577c21_zps3eedc908.jpg

Our boys were styling, picked up by the casino in a Lincoln Navigator. (Peace, Dave!)

 photo 4c1556d9b121420d687f6ffde1691b24efb1580ff4ebb591500597d839a5d3f1_zps1535e886.jpg

 photo  03975e5923cbe117dd85bcc2b970d8b6f327862325d8b84482ec2879d27fc51b_zpsd8e49e24.jpg

 photo d8d85cea1d3c4fd57b6fd3d2720a38a837d8df6295a5cb58dc40654b27af7f84_zps0c2805bc.jpg

From Seattle to Tulalip is about an hour, according to Jeff....arrival!

 photo 483ed90141ae41fc6e619e6193a964564e9ddc4a76b45e8f387c185a78e2ecb0_zps59d2b3cd.jpg

Jeff: "I love this place!"

 photo c439f9ae178dcc78539d72199f30eac9be7ccf41a8f8a3eb267fa033c54eb0f1_zpsfa32ed3c.jpg

Well, can you blame him?

 photo Jeff10_zpscbc34b25.jpg

Selfie to enlarge.

About 4 hours later they had a soundcheck:

 photo Jeff12_zpsb1e742d0.jpg

And drummer Dave Hawkes alerted folks to the kit he was going to play on that evening ("Get to play a Ludwig champagne sparkle kit tonight!"):

 photo Dave01_zpsfb47b31b.jpg

And then they went on to play the place filled to capacity!

UPDATE: From new JR fan Peggy Lopez, vid of the guys doing Don't Stop Believin' via Facebook:

Journey Revisited is:
Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.


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