JR rocks another night at Harrah's Reno for Street Vibrations!

Here's some big news! @JRNYrevisited is playing a second night in Reno at Harrah's! The scheduled band dropped out and our guys rocked another crowd! Dave and Kevin had prior commitments, but Hal Eichsteadt (keyboards) and Don Stephenson (skins) came in to save the day!

The skies opened up for a downpour at the beginning of the second set...in the chilly weather (57 F). The band was under the tent onstage, but it was pretty rough going for the crowd that showed up to party. But many stayed (and it came back to full crowd), including a couple that requested a repeat of Faithfully for their 5th anniversary...("Faithfully to Tracy. & Shannon"). Sweet.

And the slideshow...

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