Join Faithfully Live's Return to Morgan Hill at the Friday Night Music Series for a Night of Classic Journey

Jeff Salado and Journey tribute sensation Faithfully Live are returning to Morgan Hill on Friday, September 3, as part of the Morgan Hill Friday Night Music Series. Jeff's got the 411 below!

Here is the event page!

Disclaimer: Faithfully Live featuring Jeff Salado is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by the band Journey or any of its members.

Faithfully Entertainment, LLC, All rights reserved.


  1. 😂😂😂 What were you in the photo you posted on Instagram for Saturdays event. 18 years old. Why did you use an old photo instead of your current? You look fine today. . You didn't have to do that you know everybody still loves you. But you can tell it was definitely a younger picture of you because of your goatee in the way your mustache went straight down and on your other pictures for the 4th the 3rd and 4th of February it doesn't match your goatee mustache goes sideways not straight down yes I noticed that you know me I notice every little thing about your beautiful face

    1. I'm sorry, my mistake. I meant the 3rd and 4th of Sept..I must have the month of February on my mind very strongly for some reason.Maybe it is because that's when the last time we talked.🤔

  2. I'll never forget you friend 😏🙏🙏