Behind the scenes: check out Jeff's pre-gig photos & vid from Turlock Golf and Country Club

Friday night's concert at the Turlock Golf and Country Club was a real killer event, according to frontman Jeff Salado. No surprise there, they always throw down wherever they play, of course, but we got a real treat - a virtual backstage, pre-show tour of the gear set up and the club by Jeff.

 photo e491ce93fc88cb32c29ff83f3fd750e6c45a8c0e22256d4f0e2ad91da34154f1_zps948bd7f8.jpg

 photo b2e49363a3a4497b7c1ed5bf0b9df249f9fe241ec9018de25250474947f72f9a_zps0d5c3664.jpg

 photo 35328097dd854f4e5deffa80fed971524e6a4662fb9a3b4de0cb47e65d88ea60_zps3c165e34.jpg

 photo 62e338cb7abe7f5b4de84c241d874d78748d375ed6ce40f506189a5bf9972448_zps4d27fcdc.jpg

Here's a slideshow of Jeff's pix:

And how about this bit of fun - your humble lead singer interviews the country club's executive chef about what's on the grill for the evening!

And in this vid I thought Jeff was going to give us a tour of the country club's men's room at first...but he was just wandering upstairs to get some food...

Jeff and the guys ate prior to going onstage. He shared his dinner (virtually): Flank steak, grilled veggies and pasta.

 photo jeffsplate_zps44d06b74.jpg

Chow down. So that look behind the scenes was a bit different, eh?

There will be a bumper crop of photos and videos from tomorrow's concert at the Monterey County Fair at 7:30 PM. A number of die hard fans from the JR Nation Facebook group will be there to capture the night's action.

The band's received great media coverage about Journey Revisited's appearance at the event, including an interview with Jeff by KWAV 96.9 FM:

Should be a blast.

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  1. The best of the best, you will not find a better Journey Tribute band than Journey Revisited......Jeff emulates the Perry sound to perfection and the guys are awesomely talented...check them out if they play near you, you will no doubt leave, wanting more....;)