Journey Revisited's faithfully fan-filled return to the Monterey County Fair

One of the big pleasures for the guys is going to gigs where a lot of the dedicated JR fans are able to attend. On Saturday, they played the Monterey County Fair and it was a chance to see JR Nation fans in person again, and new fans as well at a meet-and-greet.

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Below is a growing slideshow (we're adding as they come in) -- with photos by lead singer Jeff Salado, Jim Branch, Tami Baloy, Reese Live, and Jennie Yaeger.

Tonight the guys, after hopping on a plane to Washington state, will bring down the house again, this time at Tulalip Resort Casino. The show is at 8 PM PDT. Break a leg, guys!

Behind the scenes: check out Jeff's pre-gig photos & vid from Turlock Golf and Country Club

Friday night's concert at the Turlock Golf and Country Club was a real killer event, according to frontman Jeff Salado. No surprise there, they always throw down wherever they play, of course, but we got a real treat - a virtual backstage, pre-show tour of the gear set up and the club by Jeff.

 photo e491ce93fc88cb32c29ff83f3fd750e6c45a8c0e22256d4f0e2ad91da34154f1_zps948bd7f8.jpg

 photo b2e49363a3a4497b7c1ed5bf0b9df249f9fe241ec9018de25250474947f72f9a_zps0d5c3664.jpg

 photo 35328097dd854f4e5deffa80fed971524e6a4662fb9a3b4de0cb47e65d88ea60_zps3c165e34.jpg

 photo 62e338cb7abe7f5b4de84c241d874d78748d375ed6ce40f506189a5bf9972448_zps4d27fcdc.jpg

Here's a slideshow of Jeff's pix:

And how about this bit of fun - your humble lead singer interviews the country club's executive chef about what's on the grill for the evening!

And in this vid I thought Jeff was going to give us a tour of the country club's men's room at first...but he was just wandering upstairs to get some food...

Jeff and the guys ate prior to going onstage. He shared his dinner (virtually): Flank steak, grilled veggies and pasta.

 photo jeffsplate_zps44d06b74.jpg

Chow down. So that look behind the scenes was a bit different, eh?

There will be a bumper crop of photos and videos from tomorrow's concert at the Monterey County Fair at 7:30 PM. A number of die hard fans from the JR Nation Facebook group will be there to capture the night's action.

The band's received great media coverage about Journey Revisited's appearance at the event, including an interview with Jeff by KWAV 96.9 FM:

Should be a blast.

Did JR 'Rock the Mall' in Clovis, CA on Thursday? You bet they did!

We're into a string of back-to-back gigs in August for the guys and they kicked off this set by closing out the Sierra Vista Mall's summer ROCK THE MALL Music Series in Clovis, CA.

Photo: Jennie Yaeger. Click for larger view of panoramic shot.
The guys were buoyed by the audience reception; lead singer Jeff Salado said:
"I enjoyed the welcoming response from everyone there at the show; they were so warm and friendly. It was so much fun - we took pictures with a gazillion people. One woman didn't have paper for an autograph so I signed it on her arm. We had a great time!"
Jeff noted it was warm there; he was hot in the "Perry tails," so I'm sure whoever was in this green mascot furry suit below was really sweating to the Journey classics!

Slideshow from Rock the Mall (photos by Reese Live and Jennie Yaeger):

Tonight the band plays at the Turlock Golf & Country Club, a gig that was a private event until last week. The venue opened it to the public and the remaining tickets (@$75) were selling like hotcakes, down to 30 on the 27th, so there's a good chance it's a sold-out house! Doors open at 6PM PDT.

Turlock Golf & Country Club
10532 N Golf Link Rd. Turlock, California 95380
Tickets: $75, includes concert and dinner | Info

And coming up on Saturday is the big gig on this leg of the tour -- the Monterey County Fair. There has been a lot of media coverage about Journey Revisited's appearance at the event, including an interview with Jeff by KWAV 96.9 FM (audio at the link).

Saturday, August 30 at 7:30 PM PDT
Monterey County Fair & Event Center
2004 Fairground Road
Monterey, CA 93940
More info here:

KWAV radio interviews Journey Revisited frontman Jeff Salado about group's return to Monterey County Fair

Yep, Jeff managed to get up early to call in to KWAV 96.9 FM's Barry & Karen AM drive time show to discuss the popularity of the band at the Monterey County Fair, where they will rock on Saturday, August 30 at 7:30 PM. Concert is free with a Fair admission.

Be there so you can party with the animals!

On the web:
Twitter: @jrnyrevisited

Journey Revisited's great ink - the most authentic, endearing Journey tribute band

What a day it is for good press for JR! First, Journey Revisited's performance of "Stone in Love" (above) is also featured right at the top of a piece by Seth Metoyer at, "78th Annual Monterey County Fair concert schedule announced":
"On Saturday, Aug. 30, one of last year's Monterey County Fair favorites Journey Revisited will take the stage. The band has been referred to as "the most authentic Journey experience." Don't stop believin' because the band will be covering Journey's greatest hits from 1978-1996."

Saturday, August 30 at 7:30 PM PDT
Monterey County Fair & Event Center
2004 Fairground Road
Monterey, CA 93940
More info here:

Next up are props from another upcoming venue - The Deadwood Mountain Grand Events Center, Deadwood, SD in the Rapid City Journal:
They are hailed by critics and fans alike as the most authentic and endearing Journey tribute band in the business,” said Deadwood Mountain Grand Entertainment/Sales & Marketing Director Susan Kightlinger. “Our guests readily rock out to cover bands and just keep asking for more. Journey Revisited delivers on that request.

Armed with the trademark soulfulness and range of Perry’s vocals, Journey Revisited – Reliving the Glory Days of Journey, combines the amazing vocal talents and dynamic instrumentals that separate this band from all other cover/tribute bands.

Founded by Jeff Salado in 2005, this Tribute to Journey takes the audience on a rhythmic ride to an era when rock dominated the radio airwaves. With Salado as Steve Perry and a dedication to providing the best sounding Journey Tribute Show for each and every venue they play and audience they rock, the Journey classics keep coming all night long."

Show Starts: 8:00 PM
Ticket Prices: $20, $15
Tickets On Sale:

For hotel reservations and ticket arrangements, call 877-907-GRAND. Call 605-559-0386 or visit

Journey Revisited is:

Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.

Journey Revisited on Facebook
JR Nation - Facebook fan page
* Twitter: @JRNYrevisited

Journey Revisited hits Black Oak Casino and Mammoth Rocks!

It was a weekend trip of rocking for the guys, and fortunately we've got some great shots of the band performing Journey classics before enthusiastic crowds in Tuolumne City and Mammoth Lakes, CA.


Video of "Girl Can't Help It from the Black Oak Casino gig, up on Fandalism!

Video of JR doing "Open Arms" at Mammoth Lakes, now up on Fandalism...

All photos below by Jennie Yaeger.

Friday night they played at the Black Oak Casino...

And Saturday they rocked at altitude -- The 6th Annual Mammoth Rocks Rocks - A Taste of the Sierra, at the Village at Mammoth.

Next up for the guys:

 photo 82814RocktheMall_zps557c24cb.jpg

Thursday, August 28, 6:00 PM (PDT)
Rock the Mall Summer Concerts
Community Park, Sierra Vista Mall
1050 Shaw Ave, Clovis, California 93612

Behind the scenes - Faithfully Live's frontman Jeff Salado on Journey influences, show prep (updated)

Why would someone take that extra step from being a fan of a band to actually performing the songs created by their idols for equally-ardent fans of the music?

That's behind this series of Q&As with Faithfully Live, where we bring you insight from the guys in the band who rock the classics on stage for you.

We're kicking off the series with the ever-entertaining Jeff Salado. The Faithfully Live frontman and founder of the band, who is single, loves talking Journey (of course), cars (from Turbo International Buick Grand Nationals, Muscle cars, to fuel-efficient Geo Metros), boxing, history, science, and classic TV. And, by the way, he does a mean, dead-on impression of Elvis (and a thousand other voices)...

-- Panda (Pam Spaulding), Digital Media Producer

Jeff Salado, lead singer,
Faithfully Live.
Q: What was the first Journey album you bought and played to death -- and do you have a favorite for you as a vocalist? It's kind of hard to pick...

Jeff: I'd probably have to say Captured Live (1981). It made a big impression on me. Loved the renditions of Dixie Highway and most of the songs had so much energy it was explosive.

You know, it's a tough question though, because I like Wheel in the Sky particularly, and Anyway You Want It from earlier albums (Infinity, 1978 and Departure, 1980), but those are singles...Escape had more songs that moved had tons of songs that were fresh tunes in my mind -- Mother Father, Still They Ride, Don't Stop Believin', Stone In Love. I'm torn...

Q: The centerpiece of JR's tribute revolves around the Steve Perry era of the band (1978-1996), and your ability to be true to the tone, range and delivery of those memorable vocals. How does his body of work influence you -- and are there other artists that inform your performances with JR?

Jeff: There are a couple of singers that Perry was feeding off of, major influences he had inspiration from -- Sam Cooke as well as Jackie Wilson and Marvin Gaye. In my case, Sam Cooke also, but I'm influenced by Elvis Presley, The Beatles, the Bee Gees, Geoff Tate of Queensr├┐che, and the Beach Boys.

When you're trying to emulate a specific performer, singer, artist you try to do all of their little nuances and their quirks, the way they pronounce words and their intonations. You try to do all that is embodied in the same "character," that person in your performance. And merely having the tone or just singing the note doesn't do it. There are a lot more key features to achieving that true sound and spirit of Perry.

You know, a Corvette has four wheels and two doors...but so does a Pinto, four wheels and two doors. But it doesn't make it the same car, you have to embody the whole thing -- the styling, the shape, the feel, the handling -- all of it -- to make it the whole Corvette.

Q: Do you listen to and reproduce the articulated words, breathing, intonation and then have someone validate it's ok or do you just "know" when you've nailed it?

Jeff: There are some spots in some of the songs that Perry does and some of the things he would do vocally that I would sing, and I'm like "hmmmm, what is he doing there?" and have think about it and have to replay it 50 times sometimes. And I will test it myself; I'll be driving in my car and turn off my radio or stereo and do it over and over until I would get it.

And sometimes I frustrate myself and I'm like "dang it, that's not it, that's not it" and so I will just keep listening to it. And then sometimes I will get fed up and move on to the next song. Then I will go back to the song that made me think about what Perry was doing and perfect it -- until I'm happy with the results -- and go on to the next song.

[Jeff sings part of "Don't Stop Believin'" - 'Don't stop believing, holdawn ah woo woh ahh ahh ah woo won.'" (clip from Journey vid of this)]

It's just taking the time to get it right, I don't like to settle on "that's good enough." A lot of bands just settle. They do the signature stuff and they leave all the other details out of it because it's just too much work. They aren't getting paid any extra for doing it any better, they are just singing the songs; I don't like that, I have to have it right.

[Jeff sings from Any Way You Want It -- "She said oh-ooh-oh-ooh-oh-ooh-woo oh woo oh ooh"  (Journey vid clip) -- to illustrate Perry's judicious use of melisma, or stretching a syllable over a run of notes, notably heard in R&B and blues]

It seems none of the tribute bands are paying close attention to those cool details; people just love it when I do it because of the intensity Perry brought to the song with his choices.

[Jeff sings the tail end of Stay Awhile, where SP gloriously stretches out the last "Stay" into 10 notes (Journey vid clip, 2 min, 20 sec in)]

Perry is also a master at note choices in a song performing live. He changes delivery, he would change things a bit in the melody to vary the feel. Also, when you're singing on the fly you feel you can't hit a note sometimes and you choose a different route, you choose something, a harmony note that is do-able -- still in the same key and melody -- so it doesn't foul up if you can't hit the key note.

Q: When you all decide to rehearse, do you decide together which version to do (live/studio) or do you pick? Obviously the instrumentals are somewhat different between live and studio (Wheel, for instance).

Jeff: All the songs we do, 99% we do a certain way I'd like them done before we rehearse. For instance, for Wheel in the Sky we do that whole rocking mid-section and the outro they way they do on Live in Houston, as opposed to the studio version that is weak and slower-paced.

I think Journey's live shows were more impressive, much better than the studio cuts. Only a handful of the songs that we actually cover are based on the studio versions -- Faithfully and Separate Ways are two. But other songs, like Lights, Too Late, Anyway You Want It, Don't Stop Believing -- those really sound better in live format. [Example: the 2005 DVD release, Live in Houston, from '81]

And the thing is, if you ever look at many bands play their music live, as opposed to Journey's live performances from that time, what you get out of it is that Journey did a far better job -- they were amazing live. You could hear a band like Def Leppard -- those are studio bands,they just can't recreate that sound live.

photo Jeffconnect_zps7n9uypkl.gif

Q: Are there deep cuts -- lesser-known songs -- in the Journey catalog that you'd like to take on for the hardcore fans that long to hear them live?

Jeff: The trouble with doing that sort of stuff is that some kinds of fans will appreciate it, some won't -- they are there to hear the dirty dozen. Not that I wouldn't want to do the deep cuts, I'd like to do what some of the other tribute bands aren't doing. You know the song Dixie Highway [live version on Captured, 1981]? That one is a cool tune; I want to do it from the beginning to the end. [Update: And they did; Dixie Highway debuted at the San Bernardino County Fair on May 30, 2015.]

Q: Yes, Dixie Highway has that sexy blues break in the bridge. Really cool song live.

Jeff: Yeah, that part in the middle...
 [Sings "Baby, oh, girl, you drive me crazy. Baby, oh, girl, you drive me crazy, baby." (Journey vid clip, 3 min, 28 sec in)]

Q: Are you contracted to do a certain number of the dirty dozen and then can throw in a couple of ones you like?

Jeff: No, we're not contracted to do that. We have a pretty standard set of songs that we use for Black Oak Casino, for example -- that's two 50-minute sets (without repeats), and our next gig after that is a 90-minute set, so I have a list of different 90-minute format setlists for that, we pick one and go from there. It's kind of a feel-y thing to see what works and what doesn't work with audiences.

Q: "When You're Alone (It Ain't Easy)" (Evolution, 1980; JR vid clip:) made it into one of your sets, it seemed that the crowd reacted well to that one.

Jeff: Yes. But City of the Angels (also Evolution) didn't, and neither did When You Love A Woman (Trial By Fire,1996). And Still They Ride (Escape, 1981) -- I love the song -- it only did so-so with the audiences.

Q: Maybe dance-ability makes a difference for live performance. "Easy" has a groove.

Jeff: Yes, depending on the gig. We have people asking all the time to do different songs. From the very beginning of this band I've wanted to do a bunch of different songs from the Journey catalog.

Q: Lovin' You Is Easy (also from Evolution) has a up-tempo groove and you recently added it to the setlist with great success. As much as I love Sweet and Simple and Daydream from Evolution, they would die on the vine live.

Jeff: Agreed. There are just certain songs that are not friendly like that [in concert these days], the crickets start going. And that happened to Journey -- recently -- at the Palo Alto show that I went to. They did a couple of new songs and they just died, no one reacted to them, they sat down, there was no clapping, a sort of silence came over the crowd. [The songs were from Eclipse (2011) - "Ritual" and "She's a Mystery"]

Q: What jazzes you most about performing the music you love in front of fans?

Jeff: The fans mainly -- I love to see how the people react and get pure joy out of us performing the music the way it should be played the note-for-note renditions of the classic songs that Journey made great.

If it weren't for the fans' love and appreciating what were doing it would be just a grind type environment. But I love this job. :)

Q: What would you want to do if you had the chance to meet with and speak to "The Voice" himself?

Jeff: I'd ask him what current projects is he working on. I'd love to have the chance to do some projects with him.

(originally published 8/21/2014, updated 11/6/2018)

Save the dates - come rock with Journey Revisited!

The guys are hitting the road with a lot of back-to-back gigs -- and they are eager to see Journey Revisited fans, die hards and newcomers. Here's what's coming up for the rest of August - click dates for more event details on our Facebook page, and while you're there, give JR a "Like" and spread the word!

 photo theguys01cal_zps8770bbe9.jpg
Journey Revisited is (L-R):  Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & Vocals; Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion; Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals; Michael Gonzales, Bass & Vocals; Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals.

 photo 82214BlackOak_zps5ad9de12.jpg
Friday, August 22, 9:00 PM (PDT)

Journey Revisited returns to Black Oak Casino. Show is free! Doors open at 7:30 PM.

Info: (877) 747-8777

 photo 82314MammothRocks_zpse3459116.jpg
Saturday, August 23, 6:00 PM (PDT)

Journey Revisited heads over to the Mammoth Rocks Festival! It's at the Village at Mammoth, Mammoth Lakes CA. Free Admission.

Mammoth Rocks - A Taste of the Sierra features top-rated national tribute bands who cover classic favorites from the 70's, 80's & 90's.

 photo 82814RocktheMall_zps557c24cb.jpg
Thursday, August 28, 6:00 PM (PDT)

Rock the Mall Summer Concerts
Community Park, Sierra Vista Mall
1050 Shaw Ave, Clovis, California 93612

 photo 83014MontereyFair_zpsbeb0f0bd.jpg
Saturday, August 30, 7:30 PM (PDT)

Monterey County Fairgrounds
2004 Fairgrounds Rd, Monterey, California 93940
(831) 372-5863

 photo 83114Tulalip_zps528f784b.jpg
Sunday, August 31at 11:00 PM (PDT)

Tulalip Resort Casino
10200 Quil Ceda Blvd, Tulalip, Washington 98271

Canoes Cabaret Shows
Journey Revisited: Tribute to Journey

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More news on the "pardon our dust" front -- we've installed the Disqus commenting system here on the new JR web site! This will allow fans to post their thoughts about JR by using their Facebook, Twitter, Google + account logins (or simply by doing a one-time signup with an email address).

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Journey Revisited fan profile: Jim Branch shares his concert photos -- and why he's a big JR fan

JR fans are die hard supporters of the classic Journey sound, and one of the big reasons we're able to share great images from many of the concerts is because of Jim Branch. He's been able to grab excellent, candid shots of the band from various gigs and has graciously given us permission to use them on the site.

We asked Jim about his first JR experience and to tell us why he's a big booster of the unique talent, passion and fan-focused energy of the band.

Lead singer Jeff Salado with buddies Dylan and Jim.
I was living in San Carlos and in the town of Redwood City which is the next town over; they have Friday night concerts during the summer called Music on The Square.

About five years ago, JR played a show there and they rocked the place. I was an instant fan and it was on. Since then I have been to several of their shows and have become friends with the guys.

They have been back to Redwood several times and even played in San Carlos at a concert in the park. It was the biggest showing of fans in several years they have been doing it. JR tore it up that night and I had never seen as many people there before -- it was a packed house.

I have driven as far as Fresno, Copperopolis, Monterey, Salinas, and other cities to see them play. I will make the drive because they are a great group of guys and are well worth it.

Jeff, Val, Michael, Kevin and David -- thank you for bringing us such awesome music and an amazing tribute to one of the greatest Bay Area bands of all time Journey. You are the best tribute to Journey ever and I am so grateful for your friendships.

I also need to mention that because of this band, I have made some most amazing friends from all over the world because of their popularity. I have not met many of them personally, but the experience of friendship is priceless and you all know who you are. I love you guys.

Thank You, JR RAWKS !!!!!!
No, thank you, Jim!

Here's a slideshow of just a tiny fraction of the photographs that Jim has taken over the years. We'll add to the slideshow over time for you!

UPDATE (9/3/2014): Here are more albums from Jim --

24th Annual Music in the Park - San Carlos Concert Series

Aug 30, 2014 Monterey County Fair

Journey Revisited is:
Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.