Jeff Salado - Lead Vocals - California native Jeff Salado is an award-winning vocalist of incredible versatility, currently making a mark in the tribute genre, honoring the work of the San Francisco Bay Area classic melodic rock group Journey. With his unique tone and impressive range -- from baritone to high tenor -- Salado calls upon his gifted abilities with his band, Faithfully Live, to tackle the vocals of one of the landmark voices in rock, Steve Perry, at his peak, night after night in a live setting.

Perry's soulful range, smooth, unique style, tone, and delivery are natural for Salado. "When you're trying to emulate a specific performer, singer, artist you try to do all of their little nuances and their quirks, the way they pronounce words and their intonations. You try to do all that is embodied in the same "character," that person in your performance. And merely having the tone or just singing the note doesn't do it. There are a lot more key features to achieving that true sound and spirit of Perry."

In addition to Steve Perry, Salado's vocal inspirations also include Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, the Bee Gees, Geoff Tate of Queensr├┐che, and the Beach Boys. Jeff has performed in various original and cover bands since 1986; founding the band Off-Kilter in 2005, changing later to "Arrival, a Tribute to Journey." In 2010, the band became known as Journey Revisited, where Salado's guiding vision and commitment to bringing the best of Journey to audiences garnered it successive Modesto Area Music Awards.

Part of the popularity of that band, and his current effort Faithfully Live, is that Salado's craft and commitment is fidelity to the performances that made Journey legendary outside of the studio; he has created arrangements and transitions that others bands do not attempt in the competitive tribute field in order to immerse audiences in a Journey concert experience.

"I think Journey's live shows were more impressive, much better than the studio cuts. Only a handful of the songs that we actually cover are based on the studio versions -- Faithfully and Separate Ways are two. But other songs, like Lights, Too Late, Anyway You Want It, Don't Stop Believing -- those really sound better in live format.

For Salado, it's essential as a tribute artist to go the extra mile not just for fans, but to honor the artist's intent. "It's just taking the time to get it right, I don't like to settle on "that's good enough." A lot of bands just settle. They do the signature stuff and leave all the other details out because it's just too much work. They aren't getting paid any extra for doing it any better, they are just singing the songs; I don't like that, I need to have it right."

Jeff's uncanny ability to mimic the vocal tone and stylings of many recording artists can be heard in his covers of Elton John, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Geoff Tate, Jon Bon Jovi, Joe Cocker, Peter Cetera and more. Salado has also been focusing on his original songwriting in the genres of country and rock.  Salado has also performed in concert with Foghat, Pat Travers, Frank Hannon of Tesla, sharing the stage to perform classic hits of the band; he has also performed on the bill with Firehouse.

Salado's electrifying stage presence and ability to connect to fans and his drive to be the best has always guided him, drawing people of all walks of life, ages and cultures together through music. He looks forward to bringing them along on his continuing journey through performance and songwriting.

Read our interview with Jeff about his process of channeling Steve Perry.

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