JR rocks another night at Harrah's Reno for Street Vibrations!

Here's some big news! @JRNYrevisited is playing a second night in Reno at Harrah's! The scheduled band dropped out and our guys rocked another crowd! Dave and Kevin had prior commitments, but Hal Eichsteadt (keyboards) and Don Stephenson (skins) came in to save the day!

The skies opened up for a downpour at the beginning of the second set...in the chilly weather (57 F). The band was under the tent onstage, but it was pretty rough going for the crowd that showed up to party. But many stayed (and it came back to full crowd), including a couple that requested a repeat of Faithfully for their 5th anniversary...("Faithfully to Tracy. & Shannon"). Sweet.

And the slideshow...

On the road - Celebrating Street Vibrations - Harrah's Plaza Reno

How great is JR? Jeff learned that a group of fans who attended Rock the Mall at the Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis, CA back in August - they drove 7 hours to see the band tonight in Reno! Awesome!

The guys go through a sound check. Here are photos as they come in (courtesy of Reese Entertainment) ...

A slideshow:

(Earlier in the day...11 AM PDT)

The guys just hit the road toward Reno, about 3.5 hours from home base. It's a rainy day on the trip according to guitarist Val Popovic and lead singer Jeff Salado (he shot this pic), who are driving there now.

They will play in the plaza in front of Harrahs.

Journey Revisited
Thurs. Sept 25, 7-9 PM

Harrah's Plaza Reno
219 North Center Street
Reno, NV 89501

The weather looks clear in Reno!

And Jeff just sent over tonight's set list...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Separate Ways
Stay Awhile
It Ain't Always Easy
Just The Same Way
Send Her My Love
Open Arms ------------ Extended KEY SOLO into next song

Who's Crying Now
Feeling That Way


Girl Can't Help It
Too Late
Stone In Love
Keep On Running
Oh Sherrie
La Do Da --------- BASS SOLO

Photos from the gig to come!

Ask The Lonely
Where Were You -------------- Extended DRUM SOLO

Don't Stop Believing ---------- Extended Version

Wheel In The Sky
Lovin Touchin Squeezin
Anyway You Want It

Can't wait to bring you photos from the gig!

Mark your calendars - JR hits Reno on Thursday, September 25 - Harrah's Street Vibrations

If you're in or near Reno, Nevada this week, stop by Harrah's Casino and catch Journey Revisited! Click through to our Facebook event page and join us!

Journey Revisited
Thurs. Sept 25
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Harrah's Plaza Reno
219 North Center Street
Reno, NV 89501

JR welcomes Pam Spaulding into the Journey Revisited family with "Open Arms"

Today Journey Revisited front man Jeff Salado told JR fans on Facebook about my official role here...he's too kind.

I'm jazzed to announce that we're officially welcoming Pam Spaulding into the Journey Revisited family to support the band's outreach and operations as JR's fan base continues its incredible growth.

She's been working with us for the last few months as a "web angel" - building the web site, writing and promoting content (band interviews, fan profiles) and assisting with social media, including updates to our official JR Facebook page to interact with you. That's why you've seen her name in many of the posts lately.

Val, Dave, Mike, Kevin and I are excited about Pam officially coming on board to represent JR and "Faithfully" support her enthusiastic work with us 1000% - and we hope you do too with "Open Arms" (wink, wink).

Journey Revisited fans and friends who are coming to our gig on November 8 at Black Oak Casino will have a chance to meet her as she works the event!

Go Team JR!
- Jeff

I'm overjoyed to be part of the effort to help the band grow and for people to see and hear how beautifully they represent the classic Journey sound. Thank you, Jeff and the guys, for having faith in me. --Pam

Who am I? Here's what I did before joining Team JR - and why I'm a believer in this band. 

JR Flashback: When You're Alone (It Ain't Easy)

How about a slamming JR rewind? This was the first JR video that I took in -- "When You're Alone (It Ain't Easy)" from Evolution, 1980 -- and I was hooked! It's a song that I have always loved, but never saw Journey perform it live -- it hasn't been performed in decades. Journey delivered more than arena rock during the Perry era.

Like long-time fans of the music, I was drawn in by Journey Revisited's commitment to bringing the classic Journey sound in concert with incredible fidelity to what was heard live by audiences back in the day. The talent in this band is incredible. It's why I hopped on board the JR train! What good fortune it was to click on that link back in June...thank you Jeff, Val, David, Michael and Kevin for keeping the sound alive - it's winning over a growing number of fans at each gig!

The video was shot at Club Fox, in Redwood City on May 24, 2014 by Jennie Yaeger.

--Pam Spaulding, JR Web Angel

If you didn't catch JR at Copperopolis, here's a taste of the classic Journey magic

 photo jim01_zpsa45a809a.jpg
Rocking the crowd at Copperopolis (Photo: Jim Branch)

Journey Revisited took the stage at Copperopolis, California in its Town Square, and the band drew the largest crowd of its three appearances there.

Lead singer Jeff Salado:
"It was another smashing show for the third year in a row. And it's one of the very few shows that we played where the crowd really rocked our world. I personally would like to thank each and every one of them for their support!
We've got some photos and video from the throwdown...

Mike "Gonzo" Gonzales rawks the bass on this solo...

And David Hawkes, whose interview we just ran about his Journey influences and meeting Steve Smith, shows his own mad skills on the skins...

How about guitarist Val Popovic making the axe sing on the epic Who's Crying Now solo! Hot!

And here are a few photos from the show; there is a slideshow with many more photos, contributed by Jennie Yaeger, Jim Branch. Reese Entertainment, and Rachel Garcia Popovic.

What songs do you want JR to add to its set lists? Here's your chance to tell us!

Jeff and the guys want to know what Journey songs to add to their setlists! Tell us here, or join the conversation on the JR Facebook page or Jeff's page...

Jeff: Here's a chance to let JR know what songs you'd like to hear us perform!
We are going to add at least 10 more songs to our total songs to expand our library of classic Journey tunes.

Here's a few you may or may not know, what are your thoughts?

1. Dixie Hwy
2. Mother Father
3. Walks like a lady
4. Suzanne
5. After the Fall
6. Loving you is easy
7. Edge of the blade
8. Rubicon
9. Patiently/ Winds of March medley
10. Chain Reaction
11. Message of Love

Bringing back List:

1.Still They Ride
2. When you love a woman
3. City of the angels

Possible additions? Your thoughts here?

1. Raised on radio
2. When I Think of You
3. Dead or Alive
4. Do You Recall
5. Why Can't This Night Go On Forever
6. Still She Cries, I love this tune
7. Missing you by "Steve Perry"


Journey Revisited gets slamming review for "blowing the roof off" again at the Monterey County Fair!

We already know that the guys can blow the roof of venues; the classic sound of Journey is a hit with audiences wherever Journey Revisited plays. But there's nothing like a review like this one, in the Examiner/AXS.com by Seth Metoyer, that makes it clear the band stands head and shoulders above not only tributes, but gives the band it honors a run for the money!
On Saturday night, a large crowd gathered to watch the very impressive Journey tribute band “Journey Revisited”. I’d first seen this band live back in 2013 at the Monterey County Fair. They blew the roof off, which is still off as a matter of fact. The current lineup for Journey Revisited consists of Jeff Salado ( Lead Vocals), Val Popovic (Lead Guitar & vocals) Kevin Jachetta (Keyboards) Keytar (Guitar, & vocals) Michael Gonzales (Bass & vocals) and Dave Hawkes (Drums/Percussion). 
The first thing I noticed about Journey Revisited was how similar singer Jeff Salado moves and sings like original Journey vocalist, Steve Perry. Salado hits all the right notes and has a great stage presence. He’s interactive with the crowd and takes many photos of the crowd and selfies from the stage. I’ve been a fan of the original Journey band for years and it’s almost eerie how similar Journey Revisited is to the original act. The tribute band performed many top Journey hits including "Don't Stop Believin'", "Open Arms", and my favorite Journey song "Wheel in The Sky". 
In recent history, the original Journey band replaced Perry with the amazing vocalist Arnel Pineda. I tell you what though; check out Jeff Salado sometime if you haven’t already. He gives Pineda a run for his money, and I personally think Salado’s vocal style is even closer to Perry’s than Pineda’s is – and that’s saying something. Find Journey Revisited on their official Facebook page here.
The band is stoked. A reaction from frontman Jeff Salado:
Wow. That's just great, we are all grateful and amazed how people accept what we do. It's our pleasure.
JR at Montgomery Village. Photo by Jessica Ruggiero.

Join the JR party with fans at Copperopolis on Saturday

Journey Revisited gig - next stop, Copperopolis! They are returning to Copperopolis Town Square on Saturday be there or be square! 7PM-9PM PDT.

100 Town Square Road, Copperopolis, CA 95228
More info

JR Rocked Santa Rosa at Concerts At Montgomery Village

"We're stoked!!!!"

That's what frontman Jeff Salado said about today's gig at Montgomery Village's Rockin' Concerts series. This is the first time Journey Revisited has played this Santa Rosa gig.

JR at Montgomery Village. Photo by Jessica Ruggiero.

The crowd got a treat.

And the band was interviewed post-show by KSVY 91.3. We'll have the audio up from it as soon as it's available.

A photo slide show is below; we also have an album up on the band's Facebook page, below the fold.

Be sure to "Like" JR on Facebook, and join JR Nation.

Journey Revisited is:
Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.

Photos by Jennie Yaeger, Jessica Ruggiero and Reese Entertainment.

Journey Revisited's travelogue and selfies on the way to Tulalip

This was the last stop of a four gig back-to-back tour leg, and the band was energized about playing Tulalip (it was a packed house -- again, as usual)! The interesting part of the trip was watching the guys document it, so we're bringing some of the fun to you.

Bassist Michael Gonzales gave us a view of the flight to Seattle from Oakland...

 photo Mike01_zpsd1389265.jpg

And lead singer Jeff Salado gave us a near blow by blow visual trip to the 5-Star Resort and Casino at Tulalip...first, our guys on the way to ground transportation (L-R, Val, Michael, Kevin, and Dave).

 photo e5d3d7ecbff7392bbef8258dec5b02e70ac8d6b48e92ff4244a9adaea9577c21_zps3eedc908.jpg

Our boys were styling, picked up by the casino in a Lincoln Navigator. (Peace, Dave!)

 photo 4c1556d9b121420d687f6ffde1691b24efb1580ff4ebb591500597d839a5d3f1_zps1535e886.jpg

 photo  03975e5923cbe117dd85bcc2b970d8b6f327862325d8b84482ec2879d27fc51b_zpsd8e49e24.jpg

 photo d8d85cea1d3c4fd57b6fd3d2720a38a837d8df6295a5cb58dc40654b27af7f84_zps0c2805bc.jpg

From Seattle to Tulalip is about an hour, according to Jeff....arrival!

 photo 483ed90141ae41fc6e619e6193a964564e9ddc4a76b45e8f387c185a78e2ecb0_zps59d2b3cd.jpg

Jeff: "I love this place!"

 photo c439f9ae178dcc78539d72199f30eac9be7ccf41a8f8a3eb267fa033c54eb0f1_zpsfa32ed3c.jpg

Well, can you blame him?

 photo Jeff10_zpscbc34b25.jpg

Selfie alert...click to enlarge.

About 4 hours later they had a soundcheck:

 photo Jeff12_zpsb1e742d0.jpg

And drummer Dave Hawkes alerted folks to the kit he was going to play on that evening ("Get to play a Ludwig champagne sparkle kit tonight!"):

 photo Dave01_zpsfb47b31b.jpg

And then they went on to play the place filled to capacity!

UPDATE: From new JR fan Peggy Lopez, vid of the guys doing Don't Stop Believin' via Facebook:

Journey Revisited is:
Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.