Journey Revisited takes Windmill Cove by storm - 'the best band we've ever booked here'

There's nothing like setting a new standard for a venue, and the Windmill Cove Resort and Marina in Stockton, CA hosted JR for an evening performance of hits on July 12 that kept the crowd on its feet (and on shore) long after the sun went down.

Journey Revisited lead singer Jeff Salado was surprised at both the turnout and the diligence of the fans, who stayed and danced and sang along. "I really thought we'd lose half of the crowd, since most people at the marina come ashore for the performances by the bands, then pull out in the boats to leave before dark. We came on last, but almost everyone stayed to listen to JR; we really rocked out for them.

Windmill Cove owner Rich Hogan said Journey Revisited was "the best band we've ever booked here -- and it is the largest crowd to date."

Some shots from the concert...(photos, courtesy of Reese Entertainment and Rachel Garcia Popovic.)





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