Black Oak Casino was rocked hard!

The guys rocked Black Oak Casino with a host of die-hard friends. What a night it was! There are a lot of photos and video to show you, because so many fans within driving distance made their way to this venue to see Jeff, Val, Kevin, Dave and Mike throw down.

For yours truly, it was the first time seeing Journey Revisited live and it was a fantastic all-access experience to bring you backstage pics, as you'll see here. (I traveled 3000 miles from North Carolina to work the gig). What a dream to see them rock it out!

These guys are awesome - lead singer Jeff Salado asked me to introduce the band on stage at Black Oak, altered the setlist to include two of my favorite tunes. It was also wonderful to meet the JR fan family and fellow Team JR members Jennie Yaeger and Tami Baloy. A dream gig, indeed. I did the intro before Escape, one of my requests...

Some other great video:

More below the fold...

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