Is it Journey or Journey Revisited? Both! Check out "Just the Same Way" mashup

Journey Revisited fans know just how close the band comes to recreating the classic Journey sound and presentation - vocals, harmonies, and amazing instrumentals.

Well, here's a little mashup of a hit from the Perry/Rolie era -- "Just the Same Way" from Evolution (1979) -- with JR's Jeff Salado and Kevin Jachetta sharing the killer lead vox. It shows why there's no other tribute to Journey that works as hard to perfect its fidelity to the music and band they love as much as fans do.
Below the fold, another classic gets a mashup...

From Evolution, "Too Late." In case you're wondering, the sources: Journey live @ Nakano Sunplaza, 1980 (@ 12:35). Journey Revisited live at Redwood City Music On The Square. And Jeff Salado has the extra challenge of walking that unprocessed vocal tightrope at every gig measured up against the best efforts (and sizeable tech sound resources) of Journey in those near-perfect snapshots in time on YouTube. Amazing stuff.

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