Countdown to Journey Revisited @ The Viper Room - Friday, May 15, 11:30PM PT

Every JOURNEY REVISITED gig in 2015 so far has been a SOLD OUT event -- including its three-night, standing-room-only gig at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts in March -- and they are poised to do it again at The Viper Room. The show begins at 9PM; JR goes on at 11:30.

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JR gives its audience an uncannily accurate tribute to the "Perry & Rolie" sound and style without pre-recorded backing tracks or digital vocal enhancements. Fronting the group with that distinctive signature tone reminiscent of the legendary Steve Perry, lead vocalist Jeff Salado, along with the axe work of Val Popovic recreating Neal Schon, Dave Hawkes channeling Steve Smith on skins, Michael Gonzales on bass, and Kevin Jachetta with the Gregg Rolie spot-on keys and sound, JOURNEY REVISITED features fantastic harmonies and the dynamic instrumentals that people fondly recall. JR delivers that organic live sound of Journey during the album oriented rock era, and audiences always leave a concert ready to come rock with the band again...

And we're literally counting down to the big debut! Tickets:

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