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FAITHFULLY featuring Jeff Salado is a Journey tribute experience that rocks the classic Perry-era songs like no other! Audiences groove to the dynamic instrumentals honoring Journey in their heyday as Faithfully travels back to capture Journey's soulful ballads, melodic rock, and bluesy swagger...with Jeff Salado's gifted, soaring vocals and stagecraft making you believe!

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Join us for the most authentic Perry recreation of those landmark Journey tunes -- Don’t Stop Believin’, Anyway You Want It, Faithfully, Lights, Separate Ways, Open Arms, Lovin Touchin Squeezin, Dixie Highway, Anytime, Who’s Cryin Now, Still They Ride, Just the Same Way, Stone in Love, Wheel in the Sky. Fans are finding out about FAITHFULLY -- see you at our next gig!

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Disclaimer: Faithfully is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by the band Journey or any of its members.
Journey Revisited, LLC, All rights reserved.

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